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How To Save Your Marriage

There are many ways that I tried on how to save my marriage. Most people are having the same problem and they want to do everything just to save their marriage. In reality, it is pretty easy to fix a broken marriage. Of course, the first thing to solve it is that we need to admit to ourselves that there is indeed a problem. Most couples live with each other for years and they never realize that every day is a lie.

saving yourself for marriage

They think that their marriage is working well and they do not know that the other person is already cheating. It might be like this for a couple of years then the wife find out about it and everything ends up with an expensive and lengthy divorce. Therefore, it is important to find out if your marriage has some holes that need to be filled up.

What are the ways on how to fix a marriage?

Once you have admitted that there is a problem with your marriage then you can now start with the counseling process. Set some time to talk with your spouse about the different problems that you have at home.

The children should not be around when you start the talks since they will only be emotional and it might be traumatic for them. Once you turned off the television and placed the kids to bed then you can start talking about the problems. Stay as calm as you can and never be angry about the points that your wife shares.


If you are already finished with your problems then you can wait for your wife’s comments. She might also have problems with the marriage and you need to listen to it in order to know your deficiencies. Now, ask her if you can fix yourself for the marriage.

Negotiate for a warranty and the last chance for the relationship. You can actually set the changes for four or more months. During that time changes must be seen inside the house. If you see some improvement with your relationship with your spouse then the treatment is working.

Another thing I tried on saving a relationship was to launch a couple’s project. A couple’s project is based on a set of plans that you will practice along with your wife.

During this time you will be the one to do the favors inside the house such as doing some simple chores. You can also add some exciting events such as traveling to a romantic country to having a delicious meal at a lovely restaurant.

Also, your wife should also make some secret plans for you. She should also have her own plans to fix the marriage. The plans should be attainable and it should make your wife happy. As you are doing the couple’s project you should ask her about what she feels. If she feels excited and happy then the project is a success.

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Once the project is done then your marriage will surely be patched up and you and your wife will live happily. you can also read more about newlywed advice.

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